Your Greatness.

Vaunt Invites You, one of the nation's top High School Basketball talents, to the All-American 3X3 Minicamp.



Step into the spotlight on October 28th-29th in Miami, Florida where the pathway to Basketball greatness unfolds.

Your Best in Miami.

Ready to ball? Train alongside former Pros and the nation's best for an opportunity to play in the 3X3 All-American 2024 Tournament.



Saturday and Sunday
October 28-29, 2023
Minicamp Weekend


542 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136
United States




Elevate Your Greatness

A Special Message to America's Elite High School Players:

You're one of the best in the country, leaving your mark on every court and making headlines. Now, it's time to take your game to the next level.

Vaunt invites you, one of the nation's top high school basketball talents, to the All-American 3X3 Minicamp. Step into the arena against your peers, train alongside former pros, and refine your skills in an atmosphere pulsating with the energy of greatness.

Mark your moment of triumph: Saturday, October 28th - Sunday, October 29th at Miami's iconic venue, SLAM! Vaunt's got your back, so all you gotta do is bring your A-game and show the world why you're the best. Miami has seen stars, but it's waiting for your meteoric rise. Are you ready to ascend into basketball supremacy?

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Weekend Details

What, When, Where & Why

An immersive two-day camp featuring elite 3X3 matchups, advanced drills, and masterclass training sessions led by seasoned pros including Darren Collison, Keith Bogans, Jack McClinton, Jeff McInnis, and Roger Mason Jr.

When: Saturday, October 28th - Sunday, October 29th

Where: SLAM! Miami (Vaunt's got your travel and accommodations covered.)

Why: Train with the best. Learn from NBA greats who were once in your shoes. They're here to help you reach your full potential and take your game to the next level.

Earn your spot at the Vaunt All-American 3X3 Tournament. Excel at the camp, and you could earn a coveted invitation to the grand stage, coming Spring 2024.

Get national recognition. Participate in exclusive photoshoots and interviews led by Hoops Nation. This is your chance to shine on the national stage and showcase your skills to the world.

NBA Trained Coaches

Elite Hoops Mentoring

You'll be trained by experienced coaches with professional legacies. These guys know what it takes to make it to the next level, and they're here to share their knowledge and insights with you.

Adopt techniques and drills that are tried and tested. Our training modules are designed to help you elevate your game quickly and efficiently. You'll learn about the nuances of professional basketball, and how to apply them to your own game.

At the Vaunt All-American 3X3 Minicamp you'll be training like the pros, so you can play like the pros.

All-Expenses Paid

Travel and Accommodations

We've got your back when it comes to travel and accommodations for the
Vaunt All-American 3x3 Mini-Camp. We're talking all-expenses-paid, so you can focus on what you do best: hoop.

Premier Accommodations

You'll be staying in a Miami hotel, where you can relax and recharge after a long day on the court. Your room will be equipped with everything you need to recover and perform at your best, including comfy beds, flat-screen TVs, and high-speed internet.

Complete Transportation

We'll take care of everything from your flights to your local transfers, so you don't have to worry about anything. Just show up ready to ball.

So what are you waiting for? R​egister for the Vaunt All-American 3X3 Mini-Camp today and get ready for an unforgettable basketball experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are players selected or scouted for this prestigious camp?

Players are scouted based on their performance in school and regional tournaments, coach recommendations, and overall contribution to the game.

2. What is the daily schedule and training regimen for participants during the minicamp?

Players will arrive on Friday evening. The daily routine on Saturday & Sunday includes drills in the morning and competitions in the afternoon. Saturday evening, Vaunt will take players to a top restaurant in Miami. Players will depart on Sunday evening.

3. Who are the former NBA professionals mentoring and training the participants?

We've partnered with several former pros, including Darren Collison, Keith Bogans, Jack McClinton, Jeff McInnis, and our CEO, Roger Mason Jr. These professionals bring invaluable insights and experiences from their time in the league to guide our participants.

4. Are there any safety measures or protocols in place, especially considering health concerns (e.g., COVID-19)?

Absolutely. The safety of our participants is paramount. We adhere to all local and national health guidelines, including routine sanitization of facilities, health checks, and ensuring appropriate social distancing during non-play times.

5. What accommodations and travel arrangements will be provided for out-of-state participants?

All selected players will receive round-trip transportation to Miami. Accommodations include a stay in a reputable hotel with meals provided. Parents or guardians accompanying players may need to arrange their own accommodations, but we can provide recommendations.

6. For parents: Will there be designated viewing areas or sessions where they can observe their child's training and progress?

Yes, parents and guardians will have designated viewing areas during certain sessions.


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